Tuesday, May 14, 2013

innovative dip dye hair

Special effects hair color is extreme, the most popular brand for hair colors such as purple, pink or orange. Instead of just for one color, try these special effects.

1. Strip. Stripes is similar to your hair as the highlight. All you have to do is tie the strands of hair with clips or holder of the ponytail and each section separately to treat. How to apply the paint, make sure that all parts of the hair shaft.

2. Leopard spots. Dip a dry celery in the dye from hair and your hair in random pattern stamp. As an alternative, please contact a hair color effects throughout your hair. Let dry completely and then apply Leopard spots in a contrasting color.

3. Only the tips. Please contact with the hair dye of special effects in only the ends of the hair. You can do this randomly or place ponytail holder on the ends to stop the color. This is a great look for the Mohawks or pig tail.

4. Pictures. This is a difficult pattern, which do not always work well, but if you're the adventurous type, therefore. The strips are applied as described above in step 1. Allow to dry and then apply another color in a horizontal Strip. Use a piece of Plaid as a pattern.

5. Geometric. Beam used a set of paint sponge carrier sponges. They appear in the special effects hair dye and click randomly on the hair. Please note that for all but the shortest hair, locks of hair to move and distort the shape. You must contact to keep lacquer or gel, hair in place. These products may or may not color strips.

6. Leveler. All the hair in a ponytail with the exception of the longer lock setting. They are that you dye you hair only for these locks for a special influence between the head and shoulders.

Takes care of himself to these special effects in hair dye can be difficult. I hope that the colors to run and disappear over time. The best option is to use temporary colors to first determine if you like the look of.

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