Tuesday, September 3, 2013

weave hairstyles

These hairstyles are particularly suitable for long black hair and can be used by the students, even teenagers who are out for a night of rock on the CD. Tufts of black hair and black woven hairstyles are particularly popular in areas that have a warmer climate, as these are used to keep the user cool during the hot summer. In our article, we are debating today two different styles of braids, normal braids and micro be. Take a look.

Women with natural black hair spent time and money for its locks of the format in the best possible way. These hairstyles and weave styles not only help the carrier make a statement of fashion cool, but also low maintenance. The only problem that may occur while braiding is the factor time. Hair braid usually have a few minutes or even hours, depending largely on the complexity.

The most popular form of micro- and one of the surest braid ways are hair braid. Black braided hairstyles and black hair weave styles can never complete without the mention of braids. Braids are very beautiful, and it sported by famous around the world. These are popular among both men and women. For African American hair, the length would be necessary for a fashion braid, use approximately 5 cm. caring for your braids, a silk pillow case. You can bind a scarf even your head in one, before you go to bed at night. They tend to black, very curly, long hair once get a Cornrow style therefore, be sure that, if you must wash your braid, you can a massage shower, which lies in a way of light, to gently cleanse the hair without damaging the braids.

These hairstyles can be enhanced with the help of extensions of hair or hair weaving. Hair weave is the method of adding hair to the scalp with the help of human or even synthetic hair. The process involves weaving the hair as close to the root of the hair. Hair extensions, using the hair adds volume and length. Available in many colors and textures, merge the hair in different ways. Knitting, sewing, weaving glue or synthetic hair to your natural black hair. These hairstyles this method also to assume and so will have to take with mainly of prominent personalities, in a short time the different looks.

For these styles, the natural hair is braided along the scalp. This is done in a horizontal line. The hair extensions are sewed onto to the braids with the help of a heavy weaving thread. The hairstylist has to comb the natural hair into the extensions for both to blend. This form of weave style needs to be planned in advance to determine the amount of the hair to be weaved. Hair weaving needs to be done with utmost care and an important tip would be to apply oil around the braids to prevent the breakage of hair.

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